• Volvo Engine 455HP
  • 10 Speed Manual
  • New Virgin Drive Tires
  • All Aluminum Wheels
  • Mid Roof Sleeper

The Volvo 630 and the Volvo VED13 engine are one of the most fuel efficient and dependable combinations on the road today. There are many small design details on the exterior of this truck to make it as aerodynamic as possible, which saves you money. The interior of the Volvo 630 was built for top of the line driver comfort, and above all else, driver safety. Most people who take a test drive in a Volvo truck never want to drive anything else.

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Includes a 6 Month/50,000 Mile NTP Platinum Warranty + Show NTP


$3,000 Down, $1,195/33 Months (Miles In 600,000's)

$3,500 Down, $1,195/36 Months (Miles In 500,000's)

$4,000 Down, $1,195/39 Months (Miles In 400,000's)